Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yeah this week we moved! On Tuesday night we packed up all of our stuff and on Wednseday night the Zone Leaders came and helped us move! We thought that they were going to bring a member and a truck, but we watched as the Elders used (poorly fastened) cords to lower our dressers off of the balcony, and stack them on top of the members little car. They put two dressers and a mattress on top on the first trip.... 

But now we're all moved in, safe and sound. We live in an apartment at the back of a member family's house. They are so sweet. They bring us breakfast sometimes, and they let us use their washing machine, which is a miracle... I'm looking forward to doing laundry for the first time in six months or so. But yeah, I haven't settled in too much, because it'll be a pain to pack it all up again and I've been in this area for a while.

Yesterday we had elections here in Santa Cruz, and it's against the law to meet in groups on election days, which means we stayed in the house until six. Buses don't run, taxis don't either, businesses close.... It was interesting to see! It was also kind of crazy to see the propaganda for everything. 

That's pretty much it for me, but I have to tell you... Yesterday I was in a lesson and they were playing oldies in the background... But like...  Good oldies. I told the lady "This is the kind of music my parents listen to!" And I was pretty content, haha. But after that she had to go feed her kids, and so she left me and Hermana Llerena for a little bit.... And Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel was playing... And it was amazing. 

The lady was such a sweetheart though, and she told us that she really feels separated from God and that she wants to start going back to church. She has three kids and the poor thing is so tired. She fell asleep sitting up during the closing prayer, haha....

Well, that's it from me. :) You guys are always in my thoughts and in my prayers and I hope you know how much I love you... And I want you to know that I'm changing and growing up a lot. I think being a missionary has taught me so much more humility than I would have learned otherwise. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. :)

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