Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm still here another transfer. I'll still be here for General Conference. I spent my first G. Conf. in the CCM, and the second in my first area... How crazy is that!
This week while we were eating lunch, Hermana Furness and her parents came to eat with us... she's going home! She also started her mission here. Her dad knew Spanish pretty well, but her mom knew nothing of Spanish. They were super cute and reminded me of you and Dad. While we were eating an injured falcon landed in the yard.... It flew away, but it was sure crazy to see it from so close.
We have to move out of our house... The family that lives downstairs is going to rent it out to a relative who's moving here from Brazil to study. So.... We're looking for a new place. I'm sure going to miss our little apartment.

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