Sunday, March 15, 2015

 Today IS my six month mark. Can you believe that? Just like you said, it feels like it's been a while, but it also feels like I just left. 6 months ago yesterday we stood in the airport and said bye, and I got on a plane to South America.... And here I am!

 I've been asking about winter here and they say it's brutal. It only gets down to like 50 degrees but because of the humidity it's cold and wet. Your clothes take forever to dry, and it rains a lot.... Only two weeks are horribly cold, but for about three months it's pretty miserable. They say that for a week it's super cold, then for a week not so bad... It starts mid-April. As of right now I can't really believe that because it's still pretty dang hot. But if you could send me my sweater tights if you get the chance, it would be wonderful!

Yessenia is AWESOME. She's a recent convert of like a year and a half, nineteen years old, with a mission call to Colombia. She leaves for the field the 22nd of April and is so sweet and humble. She had told me that she had talked to you...

To answer your questions, I sing all the time. I sing in the shower, I sing in the streets, I sing in the apartment.... For a couple weeks I played the piano in sacrament meeting....I get the chance to practice once in a while while I wait for meetings to start.

The best thing that happened this week was when we went to visit a family that's going to get baptized next month... They're the elders's family, but the wife had some doubts about baptism... We went to visit her and more than anything just tell her we love her and share a scripture, but I could really see how much they had changed and how much they love each other and their savior. It was so neat to see the effect that the gospel had had on their lives and remember how important this work really is.

Things in the ward are good. The work goes slowly, but surely. The members are so awesome, and there are so many people here that are going to be really hard to leave.

Funny story. Every morning we read 3 pages of the missionary handbook as a companionship as we start companion study. This week we were reading where it says that we have to call the offices to let them know if our parents change phone numbers, emails or addresses. So I was like "okay, yeah, I'll call the offices to let them know my mom changed her email," but I felt kind of weird about calling for something so little. The conversation went like this:

Me (half-laughing): "I'm just calling to tell you that my mom changed her email, and it says in the missionary handbook that I have to call the offices."
Elder: "Yeah, Hermana, no problem, no problem."


Elder: "Do I write that down?"

Then me and Hermana Llerena laughed really hard.


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