Monday, March 23, 2015

Celebrating 6 months out with a burger, father's day in Bolivia, the sunshine tie, and swinging, featuring the tannest white girl in the wordl!

HI. First of all.... Yeah, I still didn't move. We're moving on Wednesday. I'm going to miss our cute house, and the cute family that lives below us.... But maybe it'll make leaving easier when I go....
We gave talks in church on Sunday about the Work of Salvation. No one wants to hear missionaries talk about missionarywork, but we tried our best to do it without being preachy. I also gave the lesson in Gospel Principles last week.... It still makes me a little nervous to teach big groups in Spanish, but what's important is that I did it.
Thank you for the package!! Opening up the package and seeing the sunshine tie was the cutest thing in the world. I'm going to have to try to find a way to wear it somehow... or attatch it to my backpack without hurting it, haha. And thank you for the Biscoff! I've been eating Biscoff and peaches for breakfast every day this week. I think I've already eaten a quarter of the jar or so...
Do you remember Hermana Cedeño whose blog I read every week back home? She went home last transfer! Crazy how time flies...
This week we spent a lot of time in the clinic for my poor comp., whose ankle is kind of messed up. On Tuesday we had just a general doctor's appointment for him to check it out, and then on Thursday she got like an ultrasound on her ankle (ecografia... I don't know if that would be ultrasound or what, because I've never heard the word ecography) and X-Rays, which reminded me of you a lot and made me laugh. I was like "I wonder if mom likes taking X-Rays of ankles with all those little bones."
Hermana Laura showed me what Dustin said in Spanish and.... I've gotta step up my game. He hasn't been in the mission for like 12 years or so, and his Spanish is kicking my trash. He even still can use past subjunctive! What a punk.

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