Monday, March 16, 2015

The first picture is me and Leonise.  She is a less-active who's 20 and is studying English.  She loves American music, which is pretty much the best..  We get along great, and I love her a ton.  Here we're making sonso, which is a weird yuka, cheese mixture... it was pretty good!  ;)  She can cook!

The other two pictures are la familia Calle... I LOVE this family, they are hands down my fave.  A few of them aren't in the picture, but I sure do love 'em.  They're always there to give us food and the oldest son is always talking about his crazy mission stories.  They love the gospel SO much.  I have to come back to visit them before my mission is over.  They bought us jerseys with the colors of Bolivia.  They're my fave.

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