Monday, March 16, 2015

Yeah, we found a new place to live. A family of members have a little apartment in the back of their lot. It's tiny, even smaller than where we live now, but it'll do. :) And the family is awesome, so that'll be good. We're going to have to move this week, which is a bummer because I love our apartment and I've lived there for 5 months now, so I'm gonna miss it... And the family that lived below us, but it'll be fine. :)
Chicungunya has hit Bolivia.  I'm putting on repellant like a crazy person!
Okay. Now I am going to tell you how my week has gone.

On Tuesday we had a conference as a zone, and interviews with President Willard. I have the best mission president in the whole world. He's such an powerful person, and he's pretty young too. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's a Seventy after the mission. That was really cool to be able to talk to him and apply some advice that I really needed.

The next day, I had an intercambio. My comp stayed, and I went to another area. I was worried that maybe she didn't know the area, but she rocked it. And I saw a monkey on a chain in the park, so that was interesting. There's also a guy in my area that walks around with a monkey on his arm. Apparently people just have pet monkeys here.

Also, I weighed myself this week and I'm at 115. I've gained 10 pounds in the mish. I've got a li'l gut these days, but I think most of the weight went to my legs. We have a big area and I'm too cheap to take the bus, so at least I've got that going for me. If I keep it up, on my 9 months when I take my "pregnancy" photos I'm... actually going to look preggers. 

This week the mom of a little girl in my area told me a story. She had a conversation with her daughter that went like this:

Angela (3 year old): When I grow up I want to be like Hermana Hall!
Mom: A missionary?
Angela: No, choquita! I wanna have yellow hair!

Here instead of saying "gringa" sometimes they say "choca" or "choquita." So I'm glad I'm inspiring the youth of Bolivia.

Yesterday I helped someone with their math homework, which was awesome. I still know how to do math!

Hey, when you get the chance... Watch the District season 2, episode 1. There's a companionship of Elders that remind me and Hermana Llerena of ourselves. We were watching it, and it was talking about Elder Tuituu, and an Elder said that he "hadn't had the success that he deserves" and Hermana Llerena was like "that's you!" And then it showed Elder Murray and some Elders were talking about him being a hard worker and a fireball, who wants to serve the Lord, and then it showed him talking about how he hadn't had problems having baptisms before, but now that he feels more capable, and had more experience, and he was having a hard time having baptisms, and I was like "that's you!" And pretty much everything that has to do with these two elders applies to me and Hermana Llerena. So watch it, and laugh, and think of your daughter in Bolivia.

I love you a lot!

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