Monday, September 28, 2015

Can you believe that on Saturday three new apostles will be called?? I'm so excited for Conference... It's going to be a GREAT one. :)
San Pedro is a pretty great ward, as it turns out. A TON of sister missionaries finish their missions here. The members keep telling me "you're going to be the next to die (a.k.a. go home) here." It makes me miss the good old days when they told me "whew, you still have a tonnnn to go."
The bishop is Bishop Takei, who is from Japan, but married someone from here and had basically grew up here. He's traveled ALL over the world. He also speaks Spanish with a Japanese accent, which is awesome. 
San Pedro is SO different from la Cañada. It's on the other side of Santa Cruz, and while la Cañada was a poorer area, San Pedro is a bit more well-off. You should see the houses, they are BEAUTIFUL. 
Hermana Merejildo is amazing too. She's from Ecuador, and she turned 20 like ten days after I did. It's like finishing training the latina version of Tiffany. She is SO MUCH like Tiff it freaks me out. She's a great, sweet, driven, hardworking missionary, and we actually have a lot of fun too. I love her already.

 I can't believe how fast time goes. I love being a missionary. With all of my heart, I love being a missionary. I even love being with a companion all of the time, haha. I feel as though I just got here and every time someone tells me how little time I have left, it sinks in a bit more that I'm going home one day. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I can't be a missionary anymore. I love this work, and I love Bolivia. 


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