Monday, September 7, 2015

                                                       photos of Kaitee's birthday
*in order to understand some of this message, you need to be aware that Kaitee's father and brothers are growing their hair and beards (in some cases) until Kaitee comes home... *
It's good to hear you guys are all doing so well! :) I love hearing how you guys are doing. It's funny, because sometimes my companions or other missionaries have problems back home and it gives them cause to worry... I feel so blessed because you seem to be doing so well (all of you!). I mean, I don't know if bad stuff happens and you just don't want to worry me... Or if you are just all doing so awesome... But I'm just grateful anyway. :)
Hey, I got my package! My card got here safe and sound!! :) The earrings and watch are SO CUTE and they got here right in time for conferences, interviews, and on Saturday we have Elder Uceda from the 70 coming. I have no clue how you found that watch. It's perfect! I always tell my companions that you have a 6th sense for what to send in packages... Also, the face wipes, American Mascara, and candy were perfect. That's not even mentioning the Birthday Cake Oreos. Made it a very happy birthday. :) Thank you! 

Mom. Send me a picture of my dad and brothers. I laughed out loud about JD looking like short Jesus, or like Teen Wolf. I seriously want to see them. I WANT THEM TO MAKE IT. THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT. 

I was talking to my companion about the whole hair thing... and she says that they should let me cut their hair when I get home... I've gotta say, I like the idea! :) I'll chop JD's Jesus beard right off!
OKAY. MIRACLE TIME. On Friday we had intercambios (I don't know what that's called in English, but the point is that I wasn't in my area) and Hermana Limo went to visit Jefferson and Carla with a couple that got married so that the husband could get baptized (LOVE that family, by the way) and they had a powerful, POWERFUL lesson, in which Carla said that she'd "get baptized right now if she could, but she couldn't do it alone." Gerardo Martinez told Jefferson like "Don't you want to be with your wife and daughter forever?" and then talked about how big of a blessing it's been for him. The point is... WE HAVE A WEDDING. September 25th they're going to get married, and on the 26th we have a baptism.
OTHER MIRACLE. Celibelsa came to church this week... Took me by the arm and said "can you come with me to talk to my parents? I've made my decision. I want to get baptized." 
Me: "Now??"
Her: *nods*

Her parents don't live in our area, so we can't come with her... But she LOVED young women's... It was exactly what she needed. We have a lesson with her today, we're gonna set an exact date. :)

Welp! :) That was my week! I love you guys too darn much... Can't believe I hit a year on Wednesday... Trying to ignore that, haha. 

Love you to the moon and back! :)
*that's what her watch says... she ends every letter home this way!*
-Hermana Hall
Kaitee's PS to her father and brothers... 

I have to authorize all hair/beard/mustache changes.

To authorize a change in hair/beard/mustache appearance, the following must be provided:
  • Photos of the article of hair appearance of which the change has been requested. (Profile and Direct view)
  • An appeal as to why the change has been requested.
  • An explanation of the change that will be realized.
  • 200 US Dollars.
We appreciate your compliance.

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