Monday, September 21, 2015

 Kaitee and her companion, Hermana Limo on Kaitee's birthday

 They have a tradition that the one celebrating their birthday has to bite the cake...

and here's Kaitee being a lady and covering her mouth after biting the cake,  Notice the teeth marks

Hey Mom! Yeah, the mission office changed... and I have no clue WHAT the new address is. I'll try to get it figured out though....
I'm in Santa Cruz... I've been here for like 3 hours... Transfers are crazy. We got Celi's parents' permission... I'm bummed I won't be there for her baptism. She's awesome though. Vivian is GREAT. That was a rough goodbye.
I'm in a ward called San Pedro, we're four sister missionaries, which means for the first time in my mission I'm not living alone!! I'm living with a gringa! :) My companion's name is Hermana Merejildo from Ecuador. I'll be finishing training her because her trainer finished her mission. She seems really cute!
I'll try to get my camara replaced next Monday if we don't have an activity... if not, it'll have to be the NEXT Monday. 
I'm sorry, short letter two weeks running.... I'll have more details next week about the ward and about how everything is running here. :) But I love you, and I miss ya and you guys are the best! 

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