Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Well it´s that time of the week again. It´s my last P-Day in the MTC which really bums me out. We went to the temple for the last time in what´ll be 17 months, so that´s a huge bummer. It´s weird to think that a week from now I´ll be in Bolivia. Honestly, I´m pretty sad. It´s hard to leave everyone, get really close to a whole new group of people just to leave them too. It´s been a tough week here, but it´s looking up.
It didn´t help that I finally got sick. There´s been a nasty cold circulating around the MTC since pretty much week one, so I´m just lucky it didn´t get to me before. But no, my poor companion has been so worried about me. I´ve never been the most graceful sick person. I feel a TON better today though and I think in the next couple of days it´ll be gone.
Also, can´t believe this, but I HIT ONE MONTH! Que en el mundo?? Dang, if it´s already going this fast, I´m going to be home before I know it.
This week has been relatively low-key. As far as funny things that´ve happened, I´m already famous for my red lipstick thing here... One of the girls in my room requested that I wear it one morning, just out of the blue like "Hermana Hall, are you going to wear lipstick today? It feels like a lipstick day." So I did. What can I say, I don´t disappoint.
We also came up with a superhero for every member of our district and most of them were these crazy intense ones like duplication of powers or mind reading or making copies of yourself... And then they got to me and they were like "Hermana Hall just turns into this giant black guy and shoots people holding the gun sideways." Basically, me having a man-watch has changed how the district sees me, I guess....
Oh! The girl I´m going to Bolivia with (also known as the only other person in the whole CCM besides myself that´s going anywhere but Peru) knows Vicki! Vicki was a missionary in her ward. Holy cow, that was such a cool surprise.
Anyway. Things are good. Next time you hear from me I´ll be in another country... Again. Dang, life is crazy. Hopefully I can email from the Mission Home, but if not, you´ll probably hear from me next Monday. I love you guys! Wish me luck!

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