Monday, October 27, 2014

And mom, I have to tell you... President Willard was really impressed
with me. He said some way nice things! He kept saying that I`m going
to "leave my footprints all over this mission," and he said that he
really felt like God wants me here and that God is pleased to have me
here. He also told me that I "walked in like I was ready to train
somebody, not be trained."


He also said my Spanish is the best he`s seen a Hermana come in with
in a year and a half of being mission president. Apparently I have a
way good accent! Even the latinos tell me so, but it`s really funny
because then they think I can understand. There`s a reason that when I
was set apart, I was blessed that I`d be able to express myself and
not necessarily blessed that I`d be able to understand others... Ever.
I can speak way better than I can understand, which is backwards. I`m
just really good at manipulating the words that I know. Also, Bolivan
accents are impossible to understand. They just don`t say consonants
half of the time. It`s a grand adventure.

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