Monday, January 5, 2015

Here's my weekly update :)

New Years was pretty nuts. New Years here just pretty much means
parties. But people keep their Christmas lights on and there are SO
many fireworks... Super low in the sky, sketchy fireworks. At midnight
me and Hermana Mejia got up and watched them and the whole sky was lit
up... It was so cool. We also figured out that we lived in 2015 longer
than you guys! I lived three hours and one year later than my family!

The Morales family made us dinner and it was so good. So stinkin'
good. We also passed by Hermana Julie's house (my pensionista) and she
gave us these sparkly headband things that said "Feliz 2015." That's
going to be a pretty cool souvenier, especially since 2015 is the year
where I'm going to be a missionary all year!

But when we got home there was a party in the house behind ours...
They started playing music at 10.30 and when we woke up at 6:30....
they were still playing music. When they party in Bolivia, they party.
But then we left to go to our zone conference, and there was no one in
the streets. It was eerie. Everyone was late to the meeting because
they couldn't find a taxi, much less a micro (bus). So New Years was

Hey, thank Julie Lewis and Doris Barton for me! Doris sent me a letter
and Julie had all of the activity day girls write me. They're so cute.
Also tell Granny B thank you thank you thank you for the Christmas
package. It was awesome.

Oh, funny story! We live above a family and our landlord has a
daughter nicknamed "Chichita." She's super cute and way funny...

Well, sometimes the Zone Leaders have to come to the apartment... And
before I got here one of the ZLs came and she pretty much fell in love
with him. And she was always joking around with Hermana Mejia like
"Where's my gringo?"

One day she was kidding with us about how she doesn't like Latinos and
how she wants a gringo... Hermana Mejia told her that the Elder she
had a crush on went home... And I was like "Hey, my brother's
single... and he knows Spanish!"

And now she calls me her "cuñadita," or "sister-in-law." So tell
Dustin if he's ever in South America... He's got a date.

That was pretty much my week. This is the last week before transfers!
They call us in the night a week from tomorrow! I'm pretty much
freaking out... But God provides a way for you to do whatever He asks
of you!.

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