Monday, December 15, 2014

Okay, so this week me and Hermana Mejia..... BOUGHT A CHRISTMAS TREE.
It is small, but it is cute. And... I don´t know what I´m going to do
with it after Christmas, exactly. BUT, you only live once. There were
smaller that I could´ve bought, but... Ya know.... I like Christmas.
It´s about hip-height, with blue, green, yellow, and red lights, and
blue and red ornaments. It also has Santa and candy cane ornaments. IT
IS SO CUTE. We also bought little Christmas tablecloths for our tiny
desks, and we´re going to buy a little bit of garland for the front
patio thing... And we´re leaving it until two days before cambios or
so (which are January 14th) because... We like Christmas.

Every night we say our prayers and stuff 10 minutes early and have our
"ten minutes of Christmas" where we just turn off the lights and look
at our Christmas tree. And then after that, we turn it off (so
reluctantly) and go to bed.

We like Christmas.

This week on Tuesday we had a lesson with a less-active member that
we´ve been trying to get in contact with since I got here, but never
was home. Her name is Leonice. She´s a little bit older than me, and
she´s in college studying English. She´s really busy and hard to find.
But last week she called us out of the blue like "Hey, can we have a

Uhm, yes.

So we had our lesson with her on Tuesday, like a week later, and we
talked about the Holy Ghost. She was a little distant at first, but we
felt the spirit really strongly in our lesson.... We asked her if she
had an experience with the Holy Ghost. And she told us that she felt
the Spirit when she called us. That she didn´t want to, but felt that
she needed to. And then she said "I need to meet with you guys
(ustedes). I need to listen to you. I miss the chuch, I miss the
activities. Relationships in the church are different than outside.
There´s more trust."

And it was so awesome. The spirit was so strong. And when we left,
Hermana Mejia was like "She was not the same in there as she was
before. Before she showed no interest in what we were saying. She´d
listen, but she didn´t care. She was so different back there."


Anyway... I think that´s it from me this week. Just getting excited
for Christmas! I hope everything's good at home in the cold and snow,
because everything is pretty great here in the heat and rain. ;)

It´s raining a lot.
Christmas is way different. Turns out it´s a lot like New Years. You
wait until midnight and then you open presents and dance and party for
like four hours. It´s crazy. But yeah! There´s decorations and we´re
singing Christmas songs and it´s a ton of fun.

It´s very hot. And humid. It just gets hotter and more humid every day
until it rains, then it´s better for a couple of days, and then it
starts getting hotter a little bit more every day again. But I kind of
like it. I´m getting a nice tan. You shoulds see my feet, cutest tan
lines ever

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