Monday, January 19, 2015

This week was crazy. Me and Hermana Mejia were convinced that she was going to stay and we were going to have another transfer... To the point that when our district leader called... We thought he was lying. But we packed up her stuff and Hermana Mejia left. She's in Pirai, which is another part of Santa Cruz. She's training another gringa, this'll be her third. She's going to finish training her (her new daughter already has a transfer of being trained) but at the same time she's going to be a sister leader... with an hermana in another companionship. I'm unsure how that works.... But my "mom" is awesome.
My new companion is Hermana Llerena and... We're both new. She has 6 months in the mission and she is such a hard worker. I have never worked harder in my life than I have this past week.
The day she got here every plan we had fell through... We had a lesson planned with an investigator whose name is Hermana Yanet, but only her dad and husband were home. "She'll be back in like a half hour!"
So we were sitting on a bench waiting for her to come back and I say to Hermana Llerena:
"I have a confession to make."
"Contacting really scares me still."
"Yeah, okay, we're going to practice. I'll contact this one, you'll contact the next."
Later that day she told me that contacting scares her too. She just did it because she knew she had to.
So anyway, we're both scared, but we're working. We're contacting so much, and I think my spanish has gotten a lot better this week. That's what happens when you have to talk to strangers in a foreign language, I guess.

But we're contacting a ton, finding a lot of new investigators... And she's really easy to get along with, so that's good. I miss Hermana Mejia like crazy, but she stayed in the city, so I'll be seeing her. :)
Anyway, I'll let you know the status next week of the new investigators we found! We have high goals and high hopes! :)
I love you guys! Have a great week!

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