Monday, April 13, 2015

Guess who got transferred!

I have heard my whole mission about Tarija, which is a city south of
Santa Cruz, and how absolutely beautiful it is. Any missionary who has
been to Tarija, has completely fallen in love with it. The weather is
cooler, the people are humble and loving, and the church is growing
fast. So when the call came at 10:00 last Tuesday night that I was
heading out to Tarija, I was pretty darn excited.

My new ward is called "Aeropuerto." The ward's name is literally
"airport," and with reason, because the Tarija airport is in my area.
So the area is more city-y than other parts of Tarija. But I'm not
complaining. :) Just means real grocery stores instead of buying my
stuff in markets.

Tarija is gorgeous. The weather is cool (I spent six months of summer
in Santa Cruz to come to Tarija just in time for winter), so I am very
grateful for the coats that I brought to Lima, and the insane amount
of cardigans I own. The people are SO nice. They're so humble and

My new pensionista's name is Silvia, and she's so darn cute. She's a
young mom with two kids. An eight year old girl and a little boy who's
gotta be about one. I love her already.

The ward here is AWESOME. The people are so loving and supportive
of the missionaries. We're six missionaries in this ward. Two sisters,
four elders. It's crazy, but it's pretty dang fun too. Our ward
mission leader is so driven and focused, and our bishop is just a
really nice guy. He's so humble and funny. He owns a bakery with his
family, (called "Bakery Moroni," which is pretty darn cool) and he's
just a nice little guy who makes bread and is a bishop. He loves the
members, and loves the Savior, and you can see it in pretty much
everything he does.

I already love this ward. On Thursday we have "Missionarywork Night,"
which a lot of members actually come to and help us out. It was funny,
like a crowd of little kids attacked me, and it made me feel right at
home. I just felt all at once that this is where I'm supposed to be.

My companion is Hermana Nahuel from Chile. That makes me 3 for 3 with
latina companions. When I come home, my Spanish had better be better
than Dustin's, or I'm going to be downright mad.

I've been thinking a lot about cute Beth and J, ready to have their
3rd so darn soon. I hope they're doing okay and getting excited. I've
also been thinking about my Syd and Oak, and how they're going to do
with another little sister. Our family is so gosh darn cute, I don't
know how I got blessed with the best family ever, but every time I
talk about you, I just come away more and more proud to be a Hall.

Saying goodbye to Leonise was rough for me... I love her and I love
her whole family. It was also really hard for me to say goodbye to
Hermana Laura and her Family... And the Calle family. I had some rough
times in la CaƱada, but I met some unforgettable people.
 There's aparently a miracle, super-prepared
family that we're teaching, but they were in Oruro this week, so I
didn't get to meet them. But I feel like they're going to be very,
very special, from what I've heard. :)

I love you guys so much. I've always loved my family, but I think
going away for a little whie made me realize just how awesome you guys
are and how much I love and need you all. I'm so grateful to be part
of such a close-knit, fun, big, loving family. :) I also want you guys
to know just how much I love my Savior. He has become everything for
me here in the mission. I know that the blessings come. Some come sooner, some come
later, but in one way or another, they come. And the relationship that
I have begun to have with my Savior is something that I will never
EVER forget. I love Him with all of my heart, and I am so grateful to
serve Him. :)

-Hermana Hall

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