Monday, April 20, 2015

 My companion is a doll. She makes missionarywork SO fun. She's always laughing, always happy, and I love her a lot already.
Tarija is a half hour plane ride from Santa Cruz in a teeny tiny plane. It was so funny because I had to sit by an elder who was heading to Bermejo and he was like "I haven't talked to a girl in seven months... and in English is even worse!"
It was a pretty funny plane ride.
There are some pretty crazy cultural differerences between the people from different countries, even in Latin America. It's so cool to hear about everyone's different backgrounds. For example, Hermana Nahuel is the branch president's daughter... So she knows a TON about the gospel and the scriptures. I'm learning a lot from her.
Hermana Nahuel has been out for 9 months. The ward is awesome... Small, but so sweet and humble. My pensionista is Hermana Silvia, her husband is Hermano Andres. They have two kids: Noreli, who's 9, and Mati, who's like one.... And is a doll. I love Hermana Silvia... Her food is super good. And her soup is like.. to die for. (In Bolivia, you eat soup (hot soup) before you eat lunch, even if it's one hundred degrees outside. It's not lunch without soup.)
My golden family is meeting some hardcore resistence, particularly in their schedule. Satan is working so hard to make it impossible for us to have lessons. But the mom is trying SO HARD to come. She even tried to come to stake conference. We have a Family Home Evening with them and some members tonight though... So pray, and cross your fingers for us, because they're everything right now.
The weather change has me a little sniffly. The problem is that the weather changes a TON. It's hot, and then it's cold, and then it's sunny, and then it rains and then it's hot again.
Hey, I think that's it from me this week... BUT I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU and I want you to know that I'm working hard and that I'm doing better.

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