Monday, July 13, 2015



Okay, I cannot believe it's been a year since I got my mission call. I just remember seeing Bolivia and having no idea where that was or what to expect. And then I thought I was going to a land filled with llamas and devoid of hot showers... Then I got here and I remember that the first time I saw a car I was like... Am I in the right place? 

I love Bolivia. Even though I eat rice, potatoes and chicken every day, I LOVE this place. Especially Tarija. The day I leave Tarija (and Aeropuerto) will be SO hard. I have never loved a group of people so much in my life. They are SO humble, so devoted to the gospel, and so willing to serve those around them. There are so many people that I just love.

I was talking to the Barrientos Family yesterday (the family that the Elders got married and baptized but now they live in our area :D) and I just was so taken aback by how much I love them. They're not even my baptism, but they are such true disciples of Christ. Hermano Rafael (the dad)'s favorite scripture is Alma 48:11, which talks about Captain Moroni and what a good man he was... A man who doesn't delight in bloodshed. His HERO is Captain Moroni. If there's anything about him in the scriptures, Hermano Rafael eats it up. And you can see it in the way he lives, that he is following Moroni's example. 

And then there's his wife, Hermana Rosa, who I will probably miss more than anyone else in this area. She is ALWAYS taking care of us. She's got a soft spot in my heart, that's for sure.

Hermana Kofoed is my FAVORITE PERSON. She is the youngest of five, three girls, two boys. She's from Spanish Fork, and she is so darn funny. She is the hardest worker ever, EXACTLY obedient. She makes me be the best I can be, but she does it lovingly. I have learned so much from her. The language is harder for her, but that does NOT stop her from opening her mouth. While I try to use persuasion to get in doors, and in contacts in the streets, she uses pure boldness, like a true disciple of Christ. 

We've had a rough week with Vivian's family. Her dad is drinking a TON. Vivian's kind of just used to it. It'll still be a while I think.

Gloria is moving to Argentina in like a week and a half and we have completely lost contact with her. That's been kind of rough too.

Jenny has been traveling. A lot. We need to have a good, direct lesson with her. We feel like she hasn't been progressing.

This week we met someone named Aide. She's a 25 year old single mom who lives with her sister. She's a referral from a member who is her friend and felt the prompting to talk to her about the gospel, and families. She is SO interested and she came to church yesterday. We have a lesson with her tonight. :)

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