Monday, June 8, 2015

The internet is slow this week, so don't expect too long of an email.

This week was pretty good! :) The zone had interviews with President
Willard. President Willard is awesome. In my interview I quoted
somebody (I don't know if it was a general authority or another
missionary) that sometimes we believe that miracles happen to other
missionaries, but not to us personally.

He assured me that the Lord is "so pleased with me," and that I'm "as
good as they come, Elder or Sister, and I'm not just telling you that
to send you out on the street willing to work, I'm telling you that as
a mission president that cannot lie."

He also told me to "stay broken," and explained that being "broken"
doesn't mean being "useless" or "unable," but it means being willing
to do the will of the Lord.

I don't know why I haven't had a lot of outward success with my
mission.... I think learning humility may have been a big part of it.
But I do know that the Lord knows me, knows my individual struggles,
and is proud of me, and is proud of the mission that I have served. He
just wants me to keep going, and believe in the miracles that are yet
to happen, remembering the ones that already have.

ALSO.... Last transfer, when we were 6 missionaries in the ward, we
street contacted a lady and her daughter that were GOLDEN. But, they
lived in the Elders' area, so we had to pass the referral.

But now, with our area being bigger, WE GET TO TEACH HER.

We had a lesson with her on Thursday where we talked about faith, and
afflictions, and I teared up, and my companion teared up... And the
spirit was so strong. I feel so blessed that the Lord has trusted us
to teach her.... I hope that her faith continues to grow. :)

I can't believe tomorrow I hit my halfway mark. During my training,
everyone always told me that "the time goes SO fast," and I just did
not believe them at all. But after my training, like a week went by,
and here I am. I still feel so new, I still don't know anything, I
still haven't done anything! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I
don't want to go home!

But I sure do love you guys! I'm so grateful for all the support I
feel from all of you back home! :')

Love, your missionary
-Hermana Hall :)

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